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Paediatric and Adolescent Medicine

Since our beginnings, we have taken great pride in providing the highest quality of care to the children of our region. We realise that great medical care is worthless unless a child is willing to see you. We also strive to win the hearts of the children we care for, making their doctors visit a pleasant experience. From the day your child is born until their eighteenth birthday, we focus on their physical, emotional, and psychological growth. We do our best to provide the complete care to this age group. This includes caring for children who have chronic conditions as well as those who are generally healthy. We hope that you will turn to us first when you seek medical care for your child.

When the office is closed, Dr. Joice is on call for his regular patient who require medical emergencies. Alternatively if you are unable to reach Dr. Joice the Proserpine Hospital is open 24hrs a day.

How can we assist?

At Proserpine Medical Centre we understand that at times “kids will be kids” and may injure themselves. We are here to help and in our minor ops room we are able to patch up most injuries your little one may have caused. We also offer guidance and assistance with:

  • Vaccinations
  • Behaviour, family and school problems. Evaluation and counselling
  • Nutrition and adolescent eating disorders
  • Chronic disease management i.e. asthma
  • Sports medicine
  • Childrens lifestyle assessments including 4yr old health checks


If you have other concerns please mention it to Dr. Joice or one of our friendly nurses.